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Stairway to heaven
Going up the road curvy and twisty
Exploring the forests with thrill
We reached the hill misty
In the early morning chill
Like the stairway to heaven
Walking up the fog hill
Under the vast sky leaden
The blowing breeze now so still
The fog that once hid everything around
Slowly disappeared revealing the undercover
The Green Lords mystery abound
Led us to the beauty and beans discover
The Green Lords who once ruled the earth
Now call out to help them help us
To protect and aid in their rebirth
For our children to happily take the school bus
:icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 0 1
Untitled by goodgirlie Untitled :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 0 3 The Nazi Bug by goodgirlie The Nazi Bug :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 2 1 Pine shrine by goodgirlie Pine shrine :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 0 0 Innocent eyes by goodgirlie Innocent eyes :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 0 0 Tree of life by goodgirlie Tree of life :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 2 1 Sparkles in the Sea by goodgirlie Sparkles in the Sea :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 4 1 Autumn leaves by goodgirlie Autumn leaves :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 2 0 Tenderness by goodgirlie Tenderness :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 1 1 Peacock butterfly by goodgirlie Peacock butterfly :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 3 3 Flower wild by goodgirlie Flower wild :icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 1 0
Wild mystique
The legend in the heaven
Enriching the blue damselfly
Into the distance, crows the raven
As time ceases to pass by
The deep woodlands recall
The history lost in translation
As the towers of refuge fall
Begin the prayers of salvation
A sense of peace, of joy
Exploring the new territory
With no armies to deploy
In the deep dark woods
Begins the sacred story...
:icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 0 0
The day when the world went away
The peacock butterfly has gone
And those bee flies have gone
One afternoon they were here
Disappeared before I went there
The vernonia seem far away
They were a part of every way
The pine cones seem far way
I was under them one rainy day
When the world looked brighter
And I was as strong as a fighter
The dark clouds now hover
I wish it was not all over…
:icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 0 1
Fear of the dark
Stalked by the dreaded beasts
Runs the wood nymph for survival
Leaving her tree of life behind
Unsure of life or death ahead
:icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 1 1
Serpent's voice
Serpent's voice unheard
Dancing to captivated tune
From birth to merciless death
Faithful living choice less death
:icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 0 0
Howling beast of sorrow
Abandoned beast atrocious
Sinful thoughts blazing
Restricted events moral
Confined life civil
Captivated six feet under
:icongoodgirlie:goodgirlie 1 1

Random Favourites

I'm trying not to take this on, for her sake,
But the anger boils just under the skin,
Just far enough away that I don't cry,
Don't break.
How can I be expected to let this slide,
When she's given you everything?
I've watched you throw it away,
Becoming a ghost of what you could be.
I strive to make it up to them,
To you.
I try to do what you didn't want to:
Make something of myself.
I get the grades, well enough, dream
Far enough.
Pressure you can't imagine because you aren't here.
You haven't been home in so long.
I miss you and you'll never know,
Because you don't care at all.
I've learned to keep it all inside,
Be strong for Mom because she needs it,
Because you rip her apart and make her second guess.
Every move she makes you criticize and sneer.
You aren't happy, brother; you've lost your way.
Why can't you swallow your pride,
Admit you've been wrong?
Come home.
I love you and I hate you and I miss you
So much,
And I almost cry because you make your life so hard.
I can'
:iconsilentenvy:SilentEnvy 2 0
1748 by Stock-A-Doodle-Doo 1748 :iconstock-a-doodle-doo:Stock-A-Doodle-Doo 3 4 last chapter by sigpras last chapter :iconsigpras:sigpras 792 294
in search
I see no room that's open
A corridor which seems to have no end
The rays fail to light up the happiness
Varied sounds pull's me closer and closer
Vitrified walls
That only could pass the emotions by
Towards the end I walk
In search of my lost soul
:iconregeneratingzombies:regeneratingzombies 2 6
I Am a Rose
I am a rose, and I'm a failure at it.
My bloom is not delightfully vibrant.
My petals do not smell lovely and ripe.
I shatter under any fluorescent light.
I am here, but I am invisible as well.
I am a part of an over spoken tale.
People see through my clear shape.
A rose not beautiful is now clichéd.
I do no one any good, for I'm not helpful.
I cannot decorate, for I'm not beautiful.
I have no way to make something of myself
so I sit and rot on this desolate shelf..
I am alone and it will be like this forever.
I'm one piece of trash that is no one's treasure.
I will always be ignored then tossed aside
to chip a little more than my worthless pride.
:icondisguisedagenda:DisguisedAgenda 47 63
new yeear by joegould new yeear :iconjoegould:joegould 1 0 Lonely Mountain Sunrise by Misunderstaken Lonely Mountain Sunrise :iconmisunderstaken:Misunderstaken 1 4 but you promised by graphicpoetry but you promised :icongraphicpoetry:graphicpoetry 4 1
Your slight disappointments
Hurt me in a way you fail to see.
You make my heart bleed right through my shirt
How can you not notice the stains?
As fast as you brought the smile
You can bring back the frown
Why can't you feel my tears,
They're only watering you down.
You hold me up so high so that
When you accidently leave me to fall
I shatter into millions of pieces
Like a painted porcelain doll.
Don't bother picking up my pieces
I've learned how to do that without you
At the very least of your small heart
You could have left me with some glue.
:icontearsoftorment:TearsOfTorment 0 17
Wake up, my friend
Wake up, my friend
Wake up and smell the air
It's not the scent of risen dust in rain
Look around you, my friend
Look around you and look through person on the street
What's inside him is not what the world sees
Step out of your space, my friend
Step out of your space and see the difference
Multiple viewpoints, complex equations guide society
We've been living life inside a bubble
Would you rather I'd left you inside?
:iconforty2:forty2 3 6
verisimilitude by freestyleReturns verisimilitude :iconfreestylereturns:freestyleReturns 1 5
Hidden Inside
Why should I pretend to be someone I'm not
Why should I act something I'm not
I want to be honest,
I want to be truthful,
But all that seems to come out are lies
I feel like I'm trying to protect who I really am,
What I really am
How long will I hide behind my protected lies
When I know who I am,
I'll let you know,
But right now I can't seem to find who's really inside,
Who really is hiding
:icondead-blackened-heart:Dead-Blackened-Heart 3 15
:: Old Time Photo :: by Okinami :: Old Time Photo :: :iconokinami:Okinami 1 9 A Postcard from Hawarth by Rockonteddy A Postcard from Hawarth :iconrockonteddy:Rockonteddy 2 21 If the Perect Spring Is Waitin by xevitadorax If the Perect Spring Is Waitin :iconxevitadorax:xevitadorax 1 1 My Eyes Do Too by xevitadorax My Eyes Do Too :iconxevitadorax:xevitadorax 2 2


I am a foreigner wherever I go. I am not known in my native, not an authenticate part of where I grew up, a foreigner in a foreign land, a 'foreign-return' back in my land. I feel like an alien!


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